SMY GOD180s V2 Watt Box Mod (Upgraded 220W)



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Product info:

The new and upgraded version of SMY God 180s Watt Box Mod, with ability to vape up to 220W and handles atomizer resistance as low as 0.2ohm! Now comes with USB charger and ventilation holes.

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Element Vape is proud to present the newest or version 2 of SMY GOD 180s Watt Box Mod that comes with new feautures and higher output wattage!

What's new in the Version 2 of SMY God 180s? SMY has a new name which is God 180s instead of God 180. Yes, it is just a letter "s" after 180. Also, the output wattage is 220W instead of 180W like before! The atomizer resistance can go as low as 0.2ohm compare to 0.5ohm from previous version. Additionally, it comes with USB charger and ventilation holes. 

The SMY God 180s is made out of aluminum and comes with many features such as adjustable voltage and wattage, firing switch, LED screen and carry 3 18650 batteries!

This is one of the first time that box mod will carry THREE batteries instead of TWO! Now you can even vape for a longer period of time without charging or swapping batteries.

As for safety, there are many protections that the SMY GOD 180s provides such as low voltage protection, low resistance, short circuit, big currents and temperature protection. 

In term of design, it is amazing piece as parts of color are hand-made and crafted to turn it into perfection. There are many varieties of symbols to choose from. As the Wolf symbol will be available in 5 colors and Cross will be available only in Black and Silver.

The God 180s Watt Box Mod will be available in 5 colors: Black, Orange, Red, Blue and Gray.

SMY GOD 180s Watt Box Mod Features:

  • Adjustable VV and VW
  • LED Screen
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Variety of protections: short circuit, low voltage/resistance, big currents and temperature
  • Real time Ohms checker and current meter
  • Maximum Output: 5-220W (changes)
  • Maximum Voltage Output: 9.6-126V 
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.2-4ohm (changes)
  • Comes with USB charger [NEW]
  • Ventilation Holes [NEW]
  • On/Off switch
  • 119x69x30 mm
  • Uses 3 18650 Batteries


  • Paulc35

    Great mod, superb build, and easy to use. My only problem is that it states you can use it down to 0.2 ohm, but i have had 3 coils that show .21 resistance and the protection circuit engages about every 3rd puff. I have the highest amp rated batteries you can buy. So you might not want to go down to .2 ohm

  • Hawk

    I'm a Beginner trying to quit smoking and this mod with the darkhorse dripper with the highest milli amp Batteries is Awesome. I don't crave a cigarette after Vaping quite a few puffs. I'm still on 50 amps and that's doing me great. I have the Blue one and it is the best of the best on the Market. I like the updates the lockout feature is great if you have kids. The Batteries never get hot so the vent holes are cool but not needed. The USB charger is a cool feature but I got a Digi D4 Charger and an extra set of batteries so that does the trick quicker.

  • The MOD!

    WOW! This mod is like god like. The 3 batteries do the tricks. But I tried to vape couple times at 180W and oh man, this thing blows your socks off. I recommend a higher amp batteries tho

Color Silver / SS, Black, Blue, Red, Orange