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Smoktech ZMAX Starter Kit



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Product info:

The ZMAX is one of SMOKtech’s most popular devices.

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SMOKtech Zmax Kit includes:
• 1x Zmax tube
• 1x 18650 battery
• 1x 510 DCT V1 tank
• 1x Multi Charger
• 1x 10ml refill bottle
• 1x user manual
The ZMAX is one of SMOKtech’s most popular devices. It carries great reputation in the vaping community and has been proven to have the durability factor. This beautifully polished piece has variable voltage and wattage which provides the ultimate vape experience regardless of what you attach to it. It can be adjusted from 3 – 6 volts in 0.1 volt increments and 3 – 15 watts in 0.5 watt increments. This simply shows you how powerful the ZMAX is. The SMOKtech ZMAX is 510 and eGo compatible allowing you to use any eGo cartomizers, atomizers, and clearomizers without having to purchase an adapter. It comes with a 18650 battery with a standard end cap and allows a flat or bottom top. Similar to the ProVari, the ZMAX uses a single button for easy use of functions. If you hit the button 3 times, you will get the menu where the settings can be modified to suit your own preference. Each additional time the button is pressed after the 3rd time, it will navigate you through the menu. The ZMAX has a 2-second delay after pressing the button which will confirm your setting of choice. After that 2 seconds is up, the user must start over to change the settings again.


• Adjustable variable voltage from 3-6 volts in 0.1 volt increments
• Adjustable wattage from 3-15 watts
• Made of stainless steel
• 510/ego compatible
• 4 amp output limit
• Flexible 360 degree button so it never gets stuck
• Blue LED light
• Built in display (voltage output, battery remaining, atomizer reistance, power on/off, and LED on/off)
• Chrome polished finish
• Solid feel

Error codes:

• LOR (Lower Resistance Indication) – this code appears when the resistance is below 1.2 ohm
• LOU (Lower Voltage Indication) – this code appears when the battery voltage is below 3.4 volts
• WSC (Short Circuit Indication) – this code appears when the atomizer or cartomizer output has short-circuit
• Low Battery Indicator - the push button will start flashing red when your battery is low

Menu Options:

• Uu – Voltage Up
• Ud – Voltage Down
• So - Standby ON/OFF
• Uc – Battery Voltage Check
• Ds – Display change/Resistance/Voltage output/Voltage underload “live”
• Up – Voltage Power and Wattage settings
• Po – Constant Power Operation
• Uo – Constage Voltage Operation