Kanthal Resistance Wire by Youde



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Kanthal Resistance Wire by Youde UD is one of the best quality heating wires for building your rebuildable atomizers (RDAs or RBAs). Available in different gauges.

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The Kanthal Resistance Wire by Youde is a high quality heating wire that give so out the great vapor production along with best flavors

Keep in mind the measurements of each roll varies, as resistance of wires change the size of the wires. Most rolls has the measure of about 10 meters.

Here are the breakdown of the gauges, diameter and resistance:

  • 24 AWG - 0.175 Ohms/in and 0.5mm Diameter
  • 26 AWG - 0.275 Ohms/in and 0.4mm Diameter
  • 28 AWG- 0.448 Ohms/in and 0.3mm Diameter
  • 30 AWG- 0.588 Ohms/in and 0.25mm Diameter
  • 32 AWG- 1.143 Ohms/in and 0.2mm Diameter
  • 34 AWG- 1.905 Ohms/in and 0.16mm Diameter

This product is for advanced and experience users only.

Warning: Use this product at your own risk. We are not responsible for any type of injuries or property damages. 

Note: Rebuildable atomizers coils and wicks do come with risks. Rebuildable atomizers (RDAs/RBAs) are for experienced users that have greater knowledge on how to use meter along with coils/wicks. Please test and make sure that all wicks and coils before each use. If coils and wicks are not built correct, the rebuildable atomizers (RDAs/RBAs) can destroy the mechanical mods or devices.

Due to the nature of this product, we offer no warranty.