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Kanger Protank



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Product info:

Kangertech ProTank is a clear atomizer that made by Kangertech. It is the first version in the popular protank series.

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Kangertech ProTank is a clear atomizer series made of high quality. The tank is made with Pyrex glass and has a very slick chrome finish. With its Pyrex glass, it gives you a cleaner taste and no complications with acidic juice. The ProTank comes with 2 replaceable heads packing 2.4 ohms. It performs marvelously with a smooth airy draw when you hit the vape and vapor production is massive. This beautiful tank provides a cool, crisp, and clean feel.

Kangertech ProTank Features:

  • High chrome finish
  • Pyrex glass
  • Bottom coil design (heats from bottom)
  • 510/eGo compatible