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eLeaf Ohmmeter and Voltmeter



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Product info:

Genuine eLeaf Ohmmeter and Voltmeter is perfect device for you to check for resistance and voltage of any atomizers, cartomizers, RDAs, RBAs, etc.

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Eleaf Atomizer Cartomizer Ohmmeter and Voltmeter is used for testing resistance and voltage of vaporizers products.

It comes with a small piece of device and a 510 connector that fits nicely with most atomizers, RBAs, RDAs, etc.


  • Accurate to + - 0.4%
  • Measuring Range For Testing Resistance: 0.01 - 9.99 Ohm
  • Measureing Range For Testing Voltage: 0.01 - 9.99 Volt
  • Working current:  < 100mah w/ no test resistance, < 30mah with test resistance.