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Aspire CF Mod



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Product info:

The Aspire CF Mod is the first and high performance mod that ever created by the company. It uses 18650 battery like other carbon fiber mod and comes with spring connector and 510 threaded connection.

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Element Vape is proud to present the Aspire CF Mod, Carbon Fiber with Sub Ohm capable, is a great device to go with Atlantis and other great tanks in the market.

The Aspire CF (Carbon Fiber) Mod consists of stainless steel bottom with metal button. It is 510-threaded connection so it fits most the atomizers in the market.

Compare with the Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery, it performs as great and excellent power. The only difference between the two is that CF Mod requires to use a 18650 battery. For the battery, make sure to use the high performance and authentic that has to ability to handle low resistance atomizers, which can be range from 0.3ohm to 1.0ohm.

Aspire CF Mod Features:

  • 4.2V Voltage Output
  • 0.3ohm to 1.0ohm resistance compatible
  • 114.5mm Length
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Bottom and Metal Button
  • Carbon Fiber Coated
  • Spring Connector
  • Venting Holes for cooling
  • 510 threaded connection
  • 5 Click On/Off Button

Technical Specs:

  • Using
    • Turn ON/OFF: Press button 5 times in succession in 2 seconds. The LED will blink 3 times (both blue and orange lights) and the button will illuminate Blue when active and ON.  Repeat this procedure to turn battery OFF.
    • Usage: Press the LED button and inhale at the same time
    • LED LIght Indicator: Blue LED light will display for battery cell voltage of 3.5-4.2V. The Orange LED indicates a voltage less than 3.5V. 
    • Output Voltage: 4.2V full power output 
    • Compatible: 18650 battery
    • Features: Protective electronic switch
  • Protection Functions
    • Overdischarge Protection: When battery cell voltage is less than 2.8V (low battery), the atomizer will remain OFF, and the Orange LED light will blink 15 times.
    • Atomizer Short Circuit Protection: If heating coils are short-circuited while vaping, the LED lights (both colors) blink 3 times, 
      and the battery will default to “sleep mode."
    • Lock and Unlock Function: To lock the battery, press the button 5 times in succession in 2 seconds.  The LED lights (both colors) will flash 3 times. Repeat this procedure or recharge to unlock.
  • Caution
    • Battery Care
      • Do not store battery in a hot or humid environment. 
      • Do not drop or puncture battery.
      • Do not force battery connection to other attachments.
    • Warning
      • Always keep the battery dry and away from moisture.
      • Do not dismantle or expose the battery compartment this will  result in malfunction. 
      • If the indicator light displays ON continuously or the product becomes hot – immediately disconnect the battery from  the cartridge to break the electrical connection.